Our engineering services at a glance

Ingenieurdienstleistungen für Vorstudien und Konzepte zur Machbarkeitsanalyse

Feasibility Concepts

  • Support for innovative projects
  • Calculations and simulations
  • Studies
  • Analysis of the actual (as-is) state
  • Elaborations for technical implementation
Ingenieurdienstleistungen für Layoutplanung


  • Planning
  • Machines and facilities
  • Processes
  • Depiction of production flow
Ingenieurdienstleistungen für den Bau Prototypen


  • Specific application of prototypes during development
  • Construction (2D / 3D)
  • Strength calculations & Stress analyses
  • 3D scanning and 3D printing
  • Experiential design and measurement series
Ingenieurdienstleistungen für Elektrotechnik

Electrical Engineering

  • Circuit technique (technology)
  • Embedded systems
  • Analog technique (instrumentation)
  • Digital technique (technology)
  • Power electronics
  • Low-frequency and high-frequency engineering (technology)
Ingenieurdienstleistungen für Automatisierung

Automation / Instrumentation and control engineering

  • Microcontroller
  • Programming
  • Visualization (HMI)
  • Control systems engineering
  • Measurement technique (engineering / technology)
Ingenieurdienstleistungen für Energietechnik

Energy Concepts

  • Development of individual energy efficiency concepts
  • Energy pass (performance certificate) issue authorized
  • Energy counselling and implementation accompaniment eligible for funding


  • are an interdisciplinary team and offer you our engineering services in the fields of machine, process, and electrical engineering as well as electronic systems and automation.
  • prepare for you specific feasibility concepts including cost estimations.
  • offer you engineering services for integrating your processes into an optimized production layout.
  • construct and improve prototypes based on your ideas.
  • supervise the start-up and optimization of manufacturing (production?) facilities.
  • swiftly generate cost-efficient prototypes based on your ideas using 3D scanning and 3D printing technologies. This enables your ideas to become visible and palpable.

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