Accomplished projects since 2014

Since the foundation of the company in 2014, we have successfully accomplished >150 projects (as of 03/2023). Below we have provided you with an overview of our project distribution according to our business branches.


A selection of accomplished projects


Construction and development of a robot system for the sharpening of welding electrodes (industrial manufacturing/production).

Developing an embedded system control unit for motion control of an automated transport system (machine engineering).

Construction design and numeric calculation (FEM analysis) of a lightweight design carport against snow and wind load resistance (industrial manufacturing/production).

Thermodynamic dimensioning of a tank farm (oil depot) for heating and cooling of food oil (pharmaceutical industry).

Our development project InTraProd – Innovative Transport System for Production Chains is part of the LOEWE funding programme of the State of Hesse. With this project we contribute to the research of transport systems.



Analysis and optimization of process and packaging facilities in a major industrial bakery business (food industry).

Layout creation for process optimization through single process prioritization (pharmaceutical industry).



Administration of the initial operation and qualification of a newly constructed building (>150 Mio. €) for the bulk production of recombinant proteins.

Performance of a mock pre-approval inspection (PAI) in the scope of an innovative biosimilar cytostatic drug.

Completion of a GMP training on the topic of deviation – excellence, root cause analysis and Out of Specification (OOS).

Risk management (FMEA analysis) for aseptic vaccine filling.


We hope for your understanding that we do not disclose any information about our clients.


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