dwsquare is an owner-managed interdisciplinary project and development service provider. We initiate your innovative product development and we develop your product in engineering from A-Z! In order to achieve maximum production and quality standards we develop tailor-made concepts and processes. An encompassing (profound) knowledge in the field of manufacturing/production facilities completes our development and consulting spectra.

team for innovative product development

Scope of Business

We offer you four different business areas. Obtain a first overview here! We offer you innovative product design in field of innovation .

business areas Innovation - innovative product development – Engineering – Production - Quality

Innovationen Innovationen Engineering Engineering Quality Quality Produktion Produktion


A detailed listing of our references according to their business areas can be found under references.

innovative product development in engineering with LOEWE

Since 2017 our development project InTraProd – Innovative Transport System for Production Chains is part of the LOEWE funding programme of the State of Hesse. With this project we contribute to the research of transport systems.

This project (HA-Project-Nr.:586/18-09) is funded within the framework of the hessian model project from the funds of LOEWE (state offensive for the development of scientific and economic excellence), promotion sequence 3: KMU (small and middle-sized businesses) joint project funding.

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